Tank Repair and Renovation

  • Bottom and Roof Replacements
  • Repairs of corroded bottom, roof, and shell material by installing patches or pit welding
  • Floating roof repairs and seal replacements
  • Tank appurtenance repair and replacement including handrail, stairways, and fittings
  • Jacking & Leveling
  • Shell extensions or replacement of entire shell plates that have been heavily corroded
  • Modification of internal piping and nozzle reinforcing pads

What Can Jersey Tank Fabricators do for you?

Pipeline Maintenance 

  • Perform pipeline renovations including welding repairs and coatings
  • New pipeline construction and modifications
  • Excavations and pipeline foundations
  • Conduct repairs to API Breakout tanks as per DOT OQ requirements

Inspection, Testing, and Qualifications

  • Welders are AMSE certified and welding qualified as per A.S.M.E. Section 9
  • Perform all testing in accordance with API 650/653
  • API 653 Certified Inspectors for Tank Repair
  • Certified Pennsylvania DEP Tank Installers & Mechanical Repairs (AMEX & AFMX)
  • NYC Welding, Burning, & Fireguard Licensed
  • Pipeline maintenance workers qualified as per DOT OQ (AOC and welding)
  • Perform vacuum testing, oil penetrant testing, air pressure tests and hydrostatic tests to satisfy all of our work is within compliance and leak free
  • We have adopted a drug free work place and all employees enrolled in an approved DOT drug and alcohol testing program

Tank Fabrication & Repair * Pipeline Maintenance

Tank Fabrication and Erection

  • New Tanks-field erected
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel & Aluminum
  • Existing Tanks-Cut Down & Re-erect or move